www.minimokes.com web site for sale

The www.minimokes.com web site is a rare catch if you are quick. It is for sale..

This international name will allow you to have a central point to marshall all mini moke enthusiasts world wide to air their pics & photos as well as having a classifieds section for moke parts & cars for sale as well as wanted adverts for mini mokes.

Clubs can make good use of the name to post the dates etc for motor shows & club newsletters…

In the meantime if you have pics of your moke or classifieds or moke articles, please send them to me to assess for posting in the site >>> sales@acbocallcentre.com

Sorry about some of the pics which are not that great.Others are. So we have to deal with it. This site is designed to take into account the various needs of the mini moke lover.

Work in progress-Imagine the possibilities.





Henry Sapiecha



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